Custom Drilled Timber
Custom Drilled Timber

South Caribbean Supplies

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At South Caribbean Supplies we are pleased to offer our wood products to a variety of industries. For over 20 years we have been providing custom cut and drilled  wood products for a number of industries with varying specifications and requirements.

Electrical & Transmission Distribution
Oil and Gas Industrial Construction Wood Products
Bridge Wood Products Residential Wood Products
We are pleased to provide our wood products to:

  •  Electrical & Transmission Distribution
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline
  • Industrial Construction
  • Bridge Construction
  • Custom Residential Timbers


Make South Caribbean Supplies your first choice for custom specification Timbers, Cross Arms, Spar Arms and more. We provide treated and non-treated products and manage all shipping and logistics anywhere in North America.


We carry a good stock of products specific for the Electrical Utilities Industry across Canada including:
Other Electrical Utility companies too!